Our Team of Accountants & Consultants

We value our team of Accountants that comprises of skilled and experienced staff. At Optima, we are a small team of experienced professionals, with diverse experience and skills. We have knowledge of tax and management accounting, costing and KPI, CSF, core competencies.Our goal is not only give our clients a historic snapshot of their past performance but we want to help them create their future by giving them valuable advice after having an insight of their business model and processes. We provide a customer focused service and in addition to normal accounting and taxation advice, we offer our clients value adding activities. The new digital economy challenge is difficult for smaller businesses as change is always political in nature and bigger business have the resources to spend to move with the times. In this regard, we hope to help our clients to not only take this challenge but capitalise on this.

 To book an appointment with any of the above staff, please give us a call, email us or book an appointment with us.