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Unlike old school accountants, who are scared of new developments in IT, we appreciate that IT can act like a ‘LEVER’ (just to add emphasis: archemides is famous to have said that get me the right LEVER and i can lift the whole universe!). The right softwares and systems like Xero, Quickbooks, Sage , Kashflow etc can bring you efficiencies both in terms of time as well as cost.

We work closley with these systems providers and have partner status with most of them. So we can guide you through whole process of selection, acquisition, implementation and training.

Cloud Accounting 

Cloud Accounting Software is an online accounting platform for Book-Keeping, Payroll and Reporting that allows businesses to store all their data on a secure server.  This data can then be accessed anywhere and at anytime. This means that businesses will be able to keep track of all the outgoings of the business, hence avoiding paying more tax than necessary. Your business can benefit greatly from using Cloud Accounting Software. Using Cloud Accounting Software will contribute to the efficient running of your business, hence securing its ongoing success.


Well, there is no straight forward answer so it depends (on your needs, available skills, budget etc). And you can get a personalised answer to this question by looking at following advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Accounting:


Advantages of Cloud Accounting Software

-Control of all your book-keeping data without all the paperwork

-A reliable and secure way to store all your data

-Easy to access as it can be accessed anywhere, anytime

-All data can be recorded easily therefore a business can ensure that they are not overpaying tax

-Less stress for you and your staff and more time for you to focus on more important aspects of the business.

-All this ensures the efficient running of your business

Disadvantages of Cloud Accounting Software

-Uploading time especially if its dealing with large amount data

Data Security could be an issue if appropriate measures not taken

Are you looking for advise on right Cloud solution for your business?

We take pride in being the specialists in the cloud based systems. We partner with leading cloud systems providers like Xero, eworks manager, workflow etc. As our mission we endevour to help small businesses beyond the setup and customization.