Cloud Accounting package

The software automates parts of your bookkeeping system keeping your records free of human error and freeing up your time to spend on business development or with your family. Bank feeds pull through all bank receipts and payments directly from your bank eliminating the need to enter them one by one manually.
A major advantage of cloud accounting is that it enables you to access your data wherever you are. The flexibility to access your business wherever you are using any compatible device helps you to invest your time in in a more effective and timely manner.
The software includes world-class specialist security protections for your data, firewalls and encrypted transmissions. There is no need to upgrade the software as this is regularly happening in the background so you will always have the latest security measures and accounting features.

Better business insights

Your data will become real-time and so the software can provide you with instant up-to-date reports on all aspects of your business to help you move in the to the future and make more informed decisions.

Easy collaboration

The software has multi-user access which you can set up with different permissions as to what can be accessed. This means that you can have more than one person working simultaneously on the same system. As your accountant, we can also have access with speeds up our response time and gives us real-time data for any queries you may have during the year.