Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting has proven to be a break through in the way of accounting practice – it has brought in lot of benefits especially for small businesses which were not possible before. For example timely information for owners, simultaneous access on multiple devices (Mobiles, tablets, PC). Cloud Accounting Software are online accounting platforms for Book-Keeping, Payroll, Projects Management and Reporting these systems allows businesses to store their data on a secure server. This data can then be accessed anywhere and at anytime. This means that businesses will be able to keep track of all the outgoings of the business, hence avoiding paying more tax than necessary. Your business can benefit greatly from using Cloud Accounting Software. Using Cloud Accounting Software will contribute to the efficient running of your business, hence securing its ongoing success.

Xero, Quickbooks and sage-oneare the leading cloud accounting packages in the UK SME market. As both are fully developed products with 100’s of plug-ins so its mainly about personal choice and preference when it come to chosing between them. We are qualified and experienced accountants in both of them, therefore we can discuss with you in detail to find the best suit for your needs. There are other players in the market as well like Sage-one, Kashflow etc.

To support the cloud accounting there are data entry automation/packages like Autoentry, Receipt Bank etc. these software makes the whole process seamless and help you meet the HMRC’s requirements under MTD (Making tax Digital).