Management Accounts & KPIs

By providing monthly or quarterly reviews of your accounts we can help you set financial targets.

Although there is no legal obligation to prepare the management accounts but they are vital for efficient running of any business. Therefore it’s a common practice to prepare periodic management accounts for most businesses. Our general advice is that although they are very useful tool of management control for any sie of business but fore businesses over £200k revenue it’s highly recommended. Main objective of management accounts is to identify Key Performing areas of the business, but there are other benefits to have them, including cashflow management, profit margins analysis, cost & waste control and optimise selling prices etc.

The software automates parts of your book keeping system keeping your records free of human error and freeing up your time to spend on business development or with your family. Bank feeds pull through all bank receipts and payments directly from your bank eliminating the need to enter them one by one manually.