Payroll & Auto-enrolement

Employment and management of staff pivot to most businesses’ growth, and may seem a challenge due to meeting your obligations as an employer to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). We provide a comprehensive payroll service to our clients including PAYE calculation, RTIs , range of payslips options. In addition to standard payroll service, we can also provide you online payroll portal which makes it easy to manage employees data securely such as staff information, working hours, payslips and related documentation.

All UK businesses are legally required to run an auto enrolment pension scheme for their employees. It brings significant additional administrative and financial implications – many employers would need help in managing this compliance duty to reduce the risk. We offer a fully compliant auto enrolment service to our clients to reduce their burden of this extra duties. If you are an employer having qualifying staff and need help with auto-enrolement rest assure we can help you fulfil your duties.